Councilman Bob Beers won't let Badlands be a 'Bad Deal' for taxpayers.

Bob Beers has served as your city councilman in Ward 2 guided by three basic principles.

The Queensridge-Badlands Golf Course has generated its share of headlines and controversy. The Las Vegas City Council will decide the future use of the 180 acres that has been at the center of a contentious debate between current Queensridge residents, golf course-side homeowners and the developer that owns the land.

The one voice that needs to be heard is that of the city taxpayers.

That is Councilman Beers’ priority.


There are over 600,000 residents in Las Vegas. The city has a responsibility to provide essential city services to the residents, such as police, firefighters, emergency services, roads and much more.

Being forced by a ‘select few’ homeowners to protect their golf course views will take an estimated $30 million of tax money that could be spent on needed services. Owning a failed golf course is not essential for the people of Las Vegas.

Councilman Beers has vowed to not let you pay for their ‘problem’.

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